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Using stone in the garden is a practice that dates back millennia. When done correctly, it can last that long, too – look at Hadrian’s wall, the steps of Machu Pichu or the archways of Stonehenge.

In your yard, stone can provide better access to a garden, guide your steps up a slope, channel water or hold back a hillside, proving that even at its most practical stone can still be garden art.

These craftsmen employ a huge amount of dedication, time and expertise to carefully position each stone in place, creating a very low maintenance stone additions to fit your landscape and taste.

Our hardscaping walls are great

Our skilled stonemasons combine ageless stone working techniques unique, artistic style to build a wide range of free standing or retaining walls that need litle maintenance and last for centuries.

Stone step tips

Stone steps and staircases feel sturdy and secure underfoot as if they were part of the land itself.

They can provide a distinguished ascent to your front door, a cool resting spot for bare feet and
bottoms in the summer, graceful access down to a shoreline or garden.

Mosiaic-like stone patios are outdoor living areas that play host to dinners under stars, barbecue sessions and beers with friends.
We promise that any outdoor spaces we build for you will provide you many years of enjoyable and healthy outdoor living.
We have done 100's of outdoor hardscapes and make each one special and unique for our customers. Our experience and quality can't be beat.

Our Key Benefits

Experience, with over 18 years experience in creating unique, lasting and visually pleasing hardscapes for 100's of customers J & F can take your vision and create a stunning outdoor living space you can enjoy for many years to come: :

  • Top of the line materials from renowned stone providers
  • Outstanding eye towards quality
  • Your vision and our skills to create a lasting outdoor living space
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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we have several skilled designers on our team. There are many pavers and designs to choose from, and it can get a bit overwhelming for some people. We’ll look at your house and suggest products, colors, and styles that we feel would work best. We can also do a custom design if you’d prefer.
Absolutely. You can put pavers anywhere that you can put concrete, as long as it’s done correctly. Each application has its own requirements, though—the installation around a pool is different than the installation on a driveway. Are paving stones environmentally friendly?
Hardscaping is a term used to describe outdoor features created with concrete interlocking pavers & wall block, synthetic stone products and steppers.
Yes. In contrast to non-permeable materials, paving stones allow water to drain through, which lets the bacteria that lives between the stones remove toxins before they reach surrounding water supplies.
Fireplaces are a great focal point for any large outdoor living space. The more formal look also offers the added advantage of getting smoke up and away from all guests.
Most of the time, weeds to not sprout up from beneath the pavers. They actually start with seeds that settle between the cracks of the pavers on the surface. Seeds need to take root in order to grow. Sweeping your pavers regularly will disrupt the seeds prior to rooting, helping to inhibit weed growth.
j & F landscape outdoor living space
  • Did you know...?

    Fertilizer is a substance added to soil to improve plants' growth and yield. First used by ancient farmers, fertilizer technology developed as the chemical needs of growing plants were discovered.

  • Did you know...?

    Well maintained landscaping can add as much as 14% to the resale value of your home

  • Did you know...?

    After a stressful day at work – looking at a yard with a view of natural landscaping, such as trees and flowers, experienced less job pressure, were more satisfied with their jobs and reported fewer ailments and headaches than those who either had no outside view or could only see landscape elements from their window.

  • Did you know...?

    One hour of weeding burns 300 calories ( the same as walking or bicycling at a moderate pace), and manual push mowing of the lawn burns 500 calories per hour (the same rate as playing tennis).