Commercial & Residential Tree Care Services

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Our Tree certified arborists are located throughout North America. Locate the tree service professional in your community, meet your local manager, or find out more about the expert tree and landscape services available in your area.

Our licensed and insured tree doctors make house calls to meet the needs of your trees, shrubs, lawn and landscape.

From tree disease protection to lawn renovation and restoration, our arborists put passion and expertise into the care of your property. Learn more about our professional tree care and landscape services.

J&F Landscape Tree Experience

When you request a consultation with a Davey arborist we discuss your landscape goals and provide recommendations for holistic plant health care.

Proper tree care and maintenance

Whether you are looking to make a positive brand impression for customers, enhance curb appeal for tenants and residents.

Or provide a needed breathe of fresh air for employees and patients, we can help ensure your trees are well-maintained.

We follow up on our work, and treat every tree and property that we help maintain as if it were our own.
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Our Key Benefits

As with all plant choices, climate plays a big role in determining which type of grass will work best for you - soil type, rainfall and other factors also come into it. :

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Frequently Asked Questions

An arborist, or (less commonly) arboriculturist, is a professional in the practice of arboriculture, which is the cultivation, management, and study of individual trees, shrubs, vines, and other perennial woody plants in dendrology and horticulture.
Trees that receive proper care and maintenance live longer and are healthier than their neglected counterparts. Help protect the health of your trees by following a few simple steps:
  • Do not nail objects to your trees
  • Do not cut the bark, trunk or branches of your trees
  • Be careful when using lawnmowers near your trees
  • Water your trees during lengthy dry spells
  • When seeing signs of distress call an Arborist
  • Fertilize - with deep root fertilization
Yes, we have 24-hour emergency service and can respond to storm damage to your trees and property in a timely fashion.
While trees growing in the forest and other natural areas can basically take care of themselves, those growing in cities and suburbs need help staying healthy and beautiful. They contend with air pollution, road salt, confined roots, trunk damage, compacted or poor quality soils, improper pruning and other stresses. Your trees and shrubs may benefit from pruning, mulching, irrigating, soil management or other TLC to thrive.
Your trees and shrubs are valuable, adding both to the value of your property and the quality of your life. To live long and healthy lives, your trees need proper care.
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    Fertilizer is a substance added to soil to improve plant's growth and yield. First used by ancient farmers, fertilizer technology developed as the chemical needs of growing plants were discovered.

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    Well maintained landscaping can add as much as 14% to the resale value of your home

  • Did you know...?

    After a stressful day at work – looking at a yard with a view of natural landscaping, such as trees and flowers, experienced less job pressure, were more satisfied with their jobs and reported fewer ailments and headaches than those who either had no outside view or could only see landscape elements from their window.

  • Did you know...?

    One hour of weeding burns 300 calories ( the same as walking or bicycling at a moderate pace), and manual push mowing of the lawn burns 500 calories per hour (the same rate as playing tennis).